Air Con Recharging 

Air Con Recharging 

You’re in good local hands 

Our qualified technicians will re-charge your air conditioning unit, ensuring you get to enjoy a pleasant environment on your vehicle journey. 

Competitive prices! 

For us to provide you with a competitive quote please have your registration number handy when you call. 
We are a local independent gloucester garage 

How often should I recharge my air conditioning system? 

It is recommended that you should recharge your air conditioning system every 3-4 years with gas and air con oil, in order to keep your system running efficiently.  
This will not be included as part of your annual car service and so it can often be overlooked until the weather becomes hotter.  
If your car is more than 4 years old, it is more than likely due a recharge. 

Re-gas service 

Our Re-Gas service ensures that your air conditioning system is working efficiently by testing the gas pressure to see if it has dropped. A reduction in gas pressure will result in a loss of cooling efficiency and when the pressure drops below a certain level the system will stop working completely. 
Due to its dehumidifying properties, when operating fully efficiently, your air conditioning system will also de-mist your windscreen more rapidly in cold and icy weather. Our qualified technicians will take a temperature reading from your air conditioning system before carrying out any work then remove all the old refrigerant gas, oil, dye or moisture.  
Once the system has been thoroughly cleansed our technicians will inject new oil, dye and refrigerant gas and then take a post repair temperature reading to ensure that the Re-Gas has made a difference to the cold air temperature. This process will ensure that your air conditioning system is working to its full potential.  
If, however our technicians find that the Re-Gas has had no impact on the air conditioning temperature, then further diagnosis may be required to find any further fault. 
We are pleased to announce that we now deal with the new gas refrigerant R1234F, as well as the 134A refrigerant. 
To support this, we now have an ECK NEXT PRO machine, which is a fully automatic climate station for recovery, recycling and charging for R134a or HFO1234yf. 
If you’re not sure which gas is right for your car, give us a call and we will answer the question for you. 
Call 01452 311 325 now to book your vehicle in for an air con check or service 
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