Brakes, Tyres & Exhausts 

Brakes, Tyres & Exhausts 

Essential checks for brakes & suspension undertaken 

We fit quality Brake Pads, Brake Discs, Calipers & Shock Absorbers at better prices than the national chains. 
We are an independent garage based in Tuffley (off Cole Avenue) and we have been proudly serving Gloucestershire motorists for over 30 years. 
We fit quality brake parts for all makes of vehicles at extremely competitive prices and will not compromise on quality or service. 
Always have your brakes or suspension checked if you are unsure! 
Your cars brake systems are very important for the safety of you and your passengers. At Swiftfit we take this seriously. 
If you think you may have a problem with your brake get it checked out straight away for your peace of mind. Below is a list of some of the issues that people visit us with every day: 
A squealing or grinding noise when braking 
Brakes juddering when applied 
The vehicle pulls to one side when braking 
A grinding noise when the brakes are off 
A loss of efficiency during heavy braking or on a long descent 
A high, hard brake pedal 
Low fuel efficiency and car feels to be dragging 
All of these faults are brake issues and have been dealt with quickly and efficiently by our brake specialist technicians. 
We can complete a free, no obligation brake check and advise you on any required action and costings before conducting any repairs. 
As a brake repair specialist, we only supply and fit top-quality brakes and sometimes original manufacturer's brake parts on customer request. 
If you know what brakes you need for your vehicle, you can email or phone us for a competitive quote. 

Gloucester tyre supply & fitting service 

We are an independent Gloucester based garage and fastfit centre. We have been serving Gloucestershire and country-wide customers through our RAC partnership for years. 
Offering premium branded, mid-range and budget tyres at discounted prices, we are competitive against national chains such as Kwik Fit and Halfords. 

We provide a free tyre & tracking check! 

Call and speak to us today. No need to fill in long-winded online forms. 
All tyre quotes provided by us will include the cost of fitting, new valves, balancing, tyre disposal and VAT. 

Tread depth 

The legal minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, and as the driver you are responsible whether the car belongs to you or not, so it is important that you are aware of this requirement. 
The maximum fine that can be imposed is £2,500 and three penalty points per illegal tyre. This could rise to £5,000 for a goods vehicle or a vehicle that’s designed to carry more than eight passengers. Finally, disqualification from driving is also possible... so why risk it!? 
Low levels of tyre tread depth will affect the acceleration, cornering and braking of your vehicle, which will create handling problems. This can start to happen when the tyre tread gets down to around 3mm of tread and not just when the 1.6mm minimum threshold is reached. 
The best way to check whether your tyres are legal or in good working order is to have them checked FREE OF CHARGE by our tyre experts. We will check your tyres and offer our expert advice. 

As Gloucester’s #1 tyre dealer, we can offer budget tyres, mid-range tyres and premium tyres at extremely competitive prices. 

It is always best to check the tyre size of your car from your car’s current tyres. If you check your tyres through an automated system, the tyre size is often wrong. On the side of your tyre, there should be combination of numbers and letters, e.g.- 205-55vr16. 
In this case, 205 = width of the tyre, 55 = aspect ratio of tyre (side wall height), V = tyre speed design, R = radial ply tyre, 16 = tyre diameter. 
If you're still not sure, pop in and see us, and we would be happy to check them for you. 

Wheel alignment / wheel tracking from only £30.00 (including vat) 

Premature tyre wear could affect road handling and fuel efficiency. If you think you may have steering or suspension issues call our experts for advice. 
Wheel alignment is also sometimes referred to as wheel tracking and should be part of standard vehicle maintenance undertaken by your local service centre. This involves adjusting the angles of the road wheels to the recommended position as outlined in a vehicle’s manufacturer specification. It contributes to the reduction of tyre wear and to ensure the optimum performance and handling of the vehicle on the road. Drivers may not notice potential defects at first but after time it can cause lasting uneven tyre wear. Tyre wear is not the only area of the vehicle that can suffer if correct wheel alignment is not set, braking distance, driving quality and even fuel economy are all affected. 
Typical signs of incorrect wheel tracking: 
Uneven or feathered tyre wear 
Drag or steering pulling to one side 
Audible distress while turning corners at slower speeds 
Incorrect wheel alignment, can also apply undue pressure to tyres which can cause them to lean into one another. When that happens, your vehicle faces resistance on the road surface making the car work much harder to drive along in a straight line therefore burning up more fuel than normal which is bad for your wallet and the environment. 
We provide essential checks to prevent premature tyre wear - a simple process to save you money. 
If your wheels aren’t aligned correctly you may experience uneven tyre wear, drifting away from a straight line or a steering wheel that is not at the 12 o’clock position when driving straight. 
Phone us for an appointment for a FREE tracking check and adjustment if needed. 

Wheel balancing from only £5.95 + VAT per wheel 

Wheel balancing is not the same as wheel alignment! 
If your wheels are not balanced correctly you may experience vibrations in the steering wheel, seat or floor. You may also suffer unnecessary and inconsistent tyre wear. 
We are a local independent gloucester wheel balancing garage. 
When your wheels are out of balance it can be really annoying. When you’re traveling at around 60 to 70 mph and you experience vibrations in the steering wheel, seat or floor, you may be suffering from a wheel balance problem. 
This excessive vibration can also cause uneven tyre tread wear and it can also cause premature failure of you steering and suspension components. 
This type of vibration can also be caused by an out of shape tyre, so for your safety get it checked out by our tyre technicians. 


If you notice any of the following problems with your vehicle you should have your exhaust checked by one of our fast-fit technicians to find out whether any components need replacing or are just loose. 
A leaking exhaust can affect your engine fuel efficiency, and can also cause poisonous fumes to leak into your car. 
If in doubt, we will check your exhaust system for FREE! 
Rattling noise – a rattling noise may indicate loose brackets holding the exhaust system in place, loose exhaust connecting joint or loose internal baffles with in one of the car’s exhaust silencer boxes. 
Loud noise – a louder than normal noise could be a potential problem with the exhaust system’s silencers. You may have an exhaust blow which could affect engine fuel efficiency, your car’s engine emissions out-put and could also release exhaust poisonous gases into your vehicle. 
Call 01452 311 325 now to book your vehicle in for a FREE tyres, wheels, brakes or suspension check 
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